In 1999 an international network of scholars called "TASC" (Trans-National Atlas and Database of Saints' Cults) organized by Dr. Graham Jones met at the University of Leicester. The object was to discuss ways of gathering data pertaining to the cult of saints and producing an on-line database containing the combined results of many contributors. Subsequent meetings were held in Rome (2000), Budapest (2001), and Göttingen (2002). A selection of papers from the first two meetings was published by Graham Jones as Saints of Europe: Towards a Database and Atlas of Religious Devotion (Donington: 2003). A set of downloadable spreadsheets collected as a result of these conferences can be viewed at .

Some members of the group preferred to use relational databases rather than spreadsheets. Cormack received a grant from the Icelandic Center for Research (RANNIS) which enabled her to work on the project in 2001 and 2002, and to hire a research assistant to do data entry in 2003. In 2003 she received a grant from the Max Planck Institut für Geschichte in Göttingen, Germany, (now the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity)enabling her to work with Dr. Norbert Winnige to create and on-line interactive database for the diocese of Hólar, in northern Iceland. It was initially published as and subsequently revised, connected to a map, published on-line at A grant from the Icelandic Christianity Millennium Fund made additional data collection possible. Research assistants who entered Icelandic data include:

Magnús Lyngdal Magnússon, MA, entered date from the máldagi collections of Bishop Auðlounn of Hólar (1318), Bishop Jón Eiríksson of Hólar (mid-14th century), and Bishop Pétr Nikulássson of Hólar (end of 14th century).

Sædís Gunnarsdóttir, MA entered of data from latermáldagarof Hólar diocese.

Marteinn Sigurðsson, PhD, entered data from Bishop Vilkin's máldagar from the diocese of Skálholt, dated c. 1400.

In 2006 Cormack organized on 'Saints and Geography' at Hólar. The conference was supported by the following organizations, to whom Special Thanks are due:
Three papers from that conference, including one based on this database, have been published as Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture, Volume III, No. 2 (2011). The journal can be accessed at

The present project incorporates and expands the earlier one. As of July 2011, contributors are:

Margaret Cormack, Professor of Religious Studies at the College of Charleston, who is responsible for Icelandic data. email:

Michael Costen, Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol, UK, provided data from the diocese of Bath and Wells. email:

Jesse Snider created the search program and website.